Non-Intrusive, but direct and helpful.

We pride ourselves in knowing when and how to break the ice, to be easy in conversation and guide/direct when need be. We know there are vastly different personalities and sometimes, even family dynamics. We're able to read people right away and blend right in to capture everything in a seamless way. Intrusive photographers are (sadly) a thing in our industry and we are glad we're not that way :)


We support all kinds of love and couples. Diversity, inclusion + kindness is important to our values when it comes to our business. We are allies of the LGBTQ+ community and we proudly shoot all people regardless of size, shape, color, gender or sexuality. We do, however, proudly turn away from working with homophobes, sexists, racists and/or others who show any form of bigotry.

Transparent in pricing.

We start at $15,000 | We love what we do and that means we never want to turn away an amazing couple who are madly in love and ready to celebrate! We just have to pay the bills and be a profitable business along with our passion for photography. So with that being said; let's just have a conversation. Let's talk about the budget. Let's connect and see what we can make work. We are in the business of "PEOPLE" and as long as we are appreciated for our hard work and art - we are always open to working with awesome clients.

We want to capture your day in a way that speaks to you.

Although we are the artists and we want you to trust us, we still want to hear your vision. What is important to you? The more we know, the better we can be on the lookout what to capture. If you want as many photos as possible of your guests dancing + having a good time, we will make a mental note of that. If all the little details that you put a ton of time into planning matter to you, no problem - we will make sure to capture it.

Ahead of curve and paying attention to your guests.

Back in the old school days, photographers went around each table at the reception for "grab and grin" photos. We've learned over the years that looking at half-eaten food in a photo isn't cute. We've also learned how many people are actually shy in front of a camera. So we've came up with a better way to document everyone at the wedding without being "in their face" about it. It's called.. a Photobooth. Guests get to go into the booth at any time during the reception, on their own time and take selfies. The lighting is top-notch, the editing filter is flawless and they can text/email their photos to themselves. You, the couple, will get a full gallery at the end of the night of everyone!

Reviews matter.

... And that's why we have no problem sharing all of them with you. Check us out on WeddingWire or The Knot with over 100 reviews.