FAQ'S are frequent because it's important to know what you're getting.

Max is the Studio Manager and a Lead Photographer, how does that work?

She keeps things organized at the studio. When you inquire, she will be your point of contact about availability, scheduling and even your voice of reason if you ever feel that you need some advice when it comes to photos. She sends over insurance to your venue, invoice reminders, chats with your wedding planner about timeline, etc. You name it, she's there with her top notch customer service (and mini therapy sessions). She happens to be talented at organization and also taking incredible photos. On the weekdays, she does studio managing. On the weekends, she photographs weddings. We promise we give her days off!

Are there seasons that are more in demand than others?

Ohhh yes. April-November is high season for weddings. We are usually booked every single Saturday during those months each year. So if your wedding lands on one of those months, please inquire ASAP to see if we are available your date.

How long after the wedding will we receive our photos?

We deliver photos within 4-6 weeks. But we have an option to add-on "extra speedy" editing and will deliver your photos within 1-2 weeks for $1000.

Do you meet with clients before booking?

We don't believe having one meeting over a cup of coffee and one hour of conversation is authentic before hiring us. It feels forced and sales-y. We want you to feel impressed, reassured and sold on us from the moment you land on our website, see our work and read about us online. We dedicate our time to booked clients. So once you book, then we can set up a Facetime or meeting.. or, we can meet at the engagement session.

Do we get all of our photos?

We don't want to hold photos for hostage, promise. So yes yes yes, you get all your photos! The only photos we do not deliver is mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos that we know you won’t have any desire to have. Our average delivery is 600-1,000 photos. But we do not put a cap on how many. If it's a good photo with a good moment, you will receive it!

Do we get an online gallery of the photos? And do you offer albums?

Every package comes with an Online Gallery with the High-res images and a download code. As for albums, we absolutely offer those starting at $1,500. Just ask Max about it and she will send all the information.

How do we book?

It is a $2,500 retainer to lock in your wedding date with us. Balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. We send a proposal via online with a CRM contract and invoice program called ShootQ.

Do you offer video?

We do! We can send you over some examples of our work once you inquire. Video coverage starts at $8,000.