We both come from hospitality backgrounds to which both of our parents owned restaurants. On their first date in 2011, Jon told Brittani three things. “I don’t believe in marriage, I never want kids and I don’t want to work in the food business like my family. I want to be a fashion photographer”.  You would think this would have made Brittani run for the hills. But instead, she laughed and said she felt the exact same way. They met their match.

In the last (almost) decade of being together, here’s what happened in a nutshell. Instead of fashion photography, they fell in love with wedding photography. On a random night in 2013 while laying in bed, Jon popped the question (with literally with no ring because he decided on the spot). His exact words were “I didn’t believe in marriage.. until I met you”. Brittani agreed (excitedly) but she looked at him in the eyes and said “but NO kids, right?”. Then in 2014, Pepper Jane Hon was born.

Who We Are

For anyone who is into the Enneagram (most accurate personality test ever) – Brittani is an 8w7 and Jon is hardcore 3. Which basically much means Brittani is a control freak, Type A and knows when to step in and “handle shit” which comes in pretty handy on a wedding day to rally up large crowds and efficiently get the photos done. Then once the heavy lifting, so to speak, is finished – she will always suggest some Tequila to cap it all off. Jon is a bit more laid back and reserved but has the same end goal to achieve and get things taken care of. He’s the calm to her storm and she’s the motivation to push him out of his comfort zones. Together, we are the perfect ying+yang energy to divide and conquer in life and at our jobs as photographers.


Besides taking pics and all that jazz – Jon loves basketball. Brittani loves shopping (ALl the Gucci!). Both suckers for reality TV like The Bachelor + Love Is Blind. Slight workaholics who must force themselves to actually enjoy a vacation without working. Jon is a huge fan of the 80’s. Brittani thinks the 90’s (and early 2000’s) was a better era and time of music. Jon highly disagrees. We both are not “kid people” but we truly love ours (how cliche, we know).


"They are incredibly kind and REAL people as well as extremely talented photographers and we would highly recommend them".


…To our salt

Inspired by the movie Iron Man (Pepper Potts character) that is how Jon came up with the name. At first, Brittani hated it. By month 7 of pregnancy, it grew on her and she decided to go with it. This little girl is everything you would imagine of being a “Pepper Jane”. She’s creative, sensitive, imaginative, deeply caring and honestly…. the opposite of Brittani + Jon . Haha! She makes them slow down from working so much and look at the small things in life, like the clouds and the birds chipping. She will literally say “mom.. dad.. stop looking at your phones and look outside! It’s beautiful! Nature is amazing.” Ugh, she’s everything we never knew we wanted. Best “oopsie” ever. Would 10/10 recommend having at-least one 😉