Studio Manager + Lead Photographer
New York City

On most days when I’m not photographing weddings, you’ll find me tucked away in my room reading a novel. I am a cat lover (although I don’t have one, sadly), Asian food addict (predominantly, dumplings) and love love love traveling. I was raised in Kansas City, but have lived in Norway, Uganda + Bejing before the age of 20. Weddings bring a sense of all the things I admire into one day. Culture, traditions, food, family and love. New York City is one of my favorite cities (obviously) but the one that has my heart fully is Paris. You’ll see me wear my beret around New York on the days I am missing it! I’m good with people and what they need while also organizing logistics. That’s why Brittani + Jon brought me on as the Studio Manager for their company as well as a Lead Photographer.

Max's featured weddings
Photographer: Max

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for these photos! George and I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling as we looked through them. Now I understand why its so important to hire a wedding photographer who’s style that you love. The wedding flew by and its through your beautiful photos that we’re able to re-live that night again. Max, you were a dream to work with. You helped us feel comfortable from the day we met you till the very last hour of our wedding. George and I are awkward at times and shy away from any PDA, but theres so many sweet moments that you captured. I know that couples should be lovey dovey on their wedding day but as you already witnessed.. we’re not that way. So my point is, thank you!! You knew exactly when and how to capture the intimate glances and moments. I was upset the 3 days leading up to the wedding because of the rain in the forecast. I knew this was out of my control.. and I knew we had a rain plan.. but I also knew this would mean we wouldn’t get outdoor portraits with the landscape of the gardens or walking around in the grass with the wedding party, sunset photos, etc. All the beautiful things I knew you could do for us because I knew from our gorgeous engagement shots! But come wedding day, I woke up with a smile on my face and my whole perspective changed. I just let it go and decided to stop being a brat because things didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. Another thing that helped that shift in perspective is that I especially trusted you! The greenhouse wasn’t ideal and there weren’t many places to shoot, but you pulled through and gave us some wonderful images. Thank you again so much.

Harry and I are seriously overwhelmed with how the photos came out and we are so excited to share them with our friends and family. There were important things we were looking for in a photographer and all of them were not only met, but exceeded way beyond our wildest dreams! I really wanted female photographers. Neither Harry nor I are naturally comfortable in photos and I knew that working with women would make me feel more comfortable. This is no disrespect to all of the wonderful male photographers that are part of the studio, but it meant a lot to me that Brittani respected and honored this request. Max knew how to lift us up during a time when we want to feel our best. It was truly amazing. We wanted photographers who had mastered the photo that is staged but doesn’t look staged. Our photos look “candid” but without all the weird pose-y faces that come with candid photos that your dad takes while you’re in the middle of eating (can you tell I’m speaking from experience?). We wanted photographers who would work with the natural beauty of the venue. The brilliance of that day in the gardens really came alive in the photos. The entire process with The Hons studio from booking to today was an incredibly empowering experience. Max, you are a rockstar. Thank you for being the absolute sweetest and caring photographer on our wedding day!