Meet Brittani

Founder + Lead Photographer
New York City

You can find me brunchin’, shopping at Gucci (just shopping in general), or relaxing in my pj’s eating pizza. Any of those 3 things are my happy place. I was born and raised in Florida but I can promise you I was supposed to be a New Yorker from the get-go. I’m direct with my conversation but also value others opinions and remain open-minded. I’m a fierce believer that a martini, good conversation and a hug at the end of the day is the cure to anything. I am an extrovert all the way. Can you tell? I’m from a loud, Italian-Portuguese family whose holiday dinners are a little messy but full of love. That’s why I don’t judge, I just keep things real and figure out a solution when it comes to business, family stuff or life in general. Jon, Pepper, and photography are what I live for. Mention any of those things and I will beam with happiness. But if you mention anything about nature, camping, bugs, or vegetables… I may not be as excited as I would be about a Gucci purse.

Photographer: Brittani

“HANDS DOWN the best photo/video team we could have ever asked for. My husband and I cannot say enough good things about The Hons. Even our seasoned, East Hampton-based wedding planner, has been singing their praises. Their work is amazing and the turn around time (especially for the quality of product) blew us away. Brittani and Jon are not only unbelievably talented, they’re amazing people. I can say with confidence that their positive attitude and attentiveness was a large contributor to making the entire event a success. We hired them for our engagement session, rehearsal dinner + wedding day. I would, without doubt, recommend and re-hire The Hons for any photo/video need moving forward. They’re the best. I mean that!”

When I initially inquired to The Hons about being my wedding photographers, I was asked, what do you want in a photographer? I simply said: “All we have to remember our wedding day are the memories”. No one can prepare you for what a whirlwind your wedding day will be. The day flies by and before you know it, its over and, let’s be honest, you can’t remember everything that happened. You’re in it and you’re having the time of your life! A wedding photographer should allow you to relive the night. Brittani made our memories come back to life. Every moment, every laugh, every tear, every dance. From our Friday Night rehearsal, all the way though to our after party ending at 2am on Saturday…The Hon’s were there. Snapping away and capturing the most incredible weekend of our lives. If you’re wondering what package to do, splurge and have them spend the entire day with you. I promise, it’s worth it. Their talent is unmatched and the care and speed in which they take to get you your photos is most definitely unrivaled. I can’t say enough amazing things about The Hon’s. I hope every Bride or Groom or Family member that reads this can actually book them! They’re getting harder and harder to get but once you’ve got ’em…you’ll be the happiest with your photos!

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