An elevated millennial studio

Each person in our studio was hand-picked based on how much they represent our brand inside and out. They aren’t just simply talented, they also have heart behind what they do. We, The Hons, can only take on so much each year. We didn’t want to turn couples away and that’s why we became a studio to offer more options and availability. There are frequent meetings, brainstorming sessions how to evolve and honest communication for growth within (also a little bit of tequila after a long day of talking). Everyone has their own unique style but with the same approach to capture timeless, classic and fun photography. Once you inquire, Max will send additional information and full galleries for you to see.

A refreshing balance of professional and personable.

Who’s this little bundle of sunshine, you ask?

Her name is Pepper. Daughter of The Hons. You can find her on instagram @pepperandthecity because even though she’s only 4 years old, she is curious about photography and what mommy and daddy do for a living. After every wedding she asks “how was the wedding?” and we tell her all about it as if she knows what we are saying. The only interest she has is “did someone wear a pretty princess dress?” or “did you bring me home any cake?”. We work hard to build her a future, set examples of following her dreams and most of all, afford many Disney World trips.

Pepper Jane
“The Princess” / Daughter of The Hons