ASSOCIATES | Photo | $3,500+
  • Stephanie, Ernie+Kristi, Rachel, and Daniel as your photographer. 
  • Option to add-on second shooters
  • All photos edited 600 – 1,000 (by The Hons)
  • Online Gallery w/ High-Resolution Images
  • Download Code
  • Print release rights
  • Engagement session available
THE HONS | Photo | $5,000+
  • Brittani + Jon as your photographers
  • All photos edited (600-1,000)
  • Online Gallery w/ High-Resolution images
  • Download Code
  • Print Release Rights
  • Engagement session available
  • *Option to hire Half A Hon for $4,000 | Friday or Sunday weddings only
Photo + Video | Start at $5,500+
  • 1 Photographer (Associate) + 1 Videographer (Ben Or Tessa)
  • Option to add on second shooters
  • Highlight Film 4-6 minutes (Cinematic + Edited)
  • RAW FOOTAGE (Un-Edited) of entire Ceremony, Toasts, First Dances + anything else traditional or important of the day (First Look, Gift Exchange and Cake Cutting)
  • Vimeo Link for download
  • The Hons start at $7,000 for Photo+Video


When we, The Hons, first started this studio 6 years ago, we always said: People come first, money comes second”. We know this wedding stuff adds up quickly. We have been on your side as the bride + groom before. We understand and get it from both ends as a couple and a vendor. When we send over the pricing, if you see a package/price that doesn’t work with your budget, talk to us openly about it. We just ask that you: 1) Appreciate our hard work + talent. 2) Do not treat this as *just* a price shopping kind of thing.  3) Understand we have bills to pay and being self-employed demands a hard cost to operating successfully. 4) Be nice to us and we will do what it takes to make things work! but we will be honest if we can’t work with your budget.