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Jon Hon

“PAPI” / Photographer + Videographer / New York + Orlando

I will admit, I picked up a camera when I was 11 and never imagined being a wedding photographer with it. I imagined photographing cars, commercials or hey.. even bikini models (sorry.. #ImAGuy). But then life decided to show me who’s boss and I met Brittani, my wife, who also was a photographer and fate had it to where we would be wedding photographers together. It was the best damn thing that happened to me. I may not squeal when you talk about your florals but I do give a shit about capturing the wedding day memories for you. I strive to break the ice with anyone who is camera shy because I am also extremely camera shy. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph because we can grab a drink, make jokes, take photos in between at cool little spots of what brought you both together. I’m a fan of cold pizza for breakfast, basketball, Stranger Things and 80’s music.

Brittani Hon

“Boujee Brittani” / Photographer + Photo Editor / New York + Orlando

I’m the point of contact. So when you holler at us, you will be speaking with me for the most part during the whole process! I say the word “yass” and use a lot of smiley faces in my emails as well. I’m the social media junkie who will do many Facebook Live’s/Insta Stories and the editor for ALL photos (by anyone who photographs from our studio).  I’m the girliest of them all. I scream when I see a bug, I love designer labels #Chanel #Gucci #LouisVuitton) and I will never turn down a shot of fireball. Although I love to have fun and keep things light hearted.. I’m also straight forward when it comes to business because I don’t like BS’ing people. I am honest, real and raw because I care about your photos (and you) and I believe honesty is the best policy when it comes to being a business owner of a photo studio. So if you enjoy “fun + keep it real” vibes; we’re going to get along perfectly!


“The calming energy” / Studio Manager + Associate Photographer

I find myself in my happiest place doing one of the two things, photographing weddings or reading a book in my nook with essentials oils. I am a cat lover 100%, Asian food addict (predominantly, dumplings) and love traveling. I was raised in Kansas City, but have lived in Norway, Uganda + Bejing. What can I say… #gypsysoul. Weddings bring a sense of all the things I admire into one day. Culture, traditions, food, and love. I am more on the relaxed side when it comes to my approach but I know when it’s time to be reassuring and assertive with large groups of family and friends and getting the photograph that needs to be documented!


“The Bitcoin Believer” / Photographer / New York 

I am always looking for the positive in anything. I always have a smile on my face and excited to wake up every day know that I am living life the way I am supposed too. Photography is my PASSION! I love a heart-wrenching love story and I’m a true romantic sap. I love astrology, reading, (attempting) to paint and going to the farmer’s market. My approach with couples and weddings is just like how I am in my everyday life. I strike up a conversation easily with anyone and strive to make people smile. I’m also a huge fan of hugging, so you may get a big ol’ hug from me at the end of the day. I’m the one who will get all the important photos but will throw in an “out of the box” creative shot just to surprise you and hopefully, impress you. I have been told I’m a sweetheart (yay!) and I ease all the nerves with my calm and collected energy that I bring to weddings.


“Dan The Man” / Photographer + Videographer / California

My motto is “traditionally different”. Traditionally, I’m all for a great portrait style photograph and I make sure to capture those throughout your day. Differently, there’s another side, a creative side, I’ve explored since I was a child playing with my ninja turtle camera that sees things differently (whether it’s the lighting, the composition or the angle). My creativity influences my shots and I draw inspiration from all around me. Especially from you, your love, & our friendship. With me you get a strong mix of styles representing traditional portraiture, photojournalism with a twist of art, and a friend. Without a camera I’m just a huge nerd. I ramble on about hot sauces, video games, paintball, oh and photography … what can I say I’m obsessed! I’m an simple Oklahoma boy at heart, but recently ditched the winter coats and moved from Queens to San Diego and am loving the west coast! Super stoked to capture your day and can’t wait!


“The one everyone wants to hug” // Videographer // Brooklyn

I’m a nice guy and I am proud to say that. I walk in with a smile on my face and a camera in my hand stoked to document your day. I first discovered my love for filming during surfing. Which is what I love to do in my free time. Catch me at the beach at sunrise! It started with a GoPro and putting together small clips of me and my friend’s surfing. Now it’s turned into a world of two people deciding to spend their lives together and wanting those memories recorded. I am genuinely excited to create films that make you not only remember, but feel, hear and listen to how your day went when you look back to watch it over the years. I’m also the guy who will sneak into cocktail hour for some snacks. Mini hamburgers, cheese and crackers, guy in the line chatting with auntie Joanne.. yeah, that’s me.

Pepper Jane

“The Famous One” / Daughter of The Hons

I am the daughter of The Hons and they named me after the movie “Iron Man”… Pepper Potts! Except, my middle name is Jane instead. My very first sentence when I was 15 months old was “I Got Shit To Do!” (there’s even a video to prove it). Mommy + Daddy tell me they work so they can afford “DisneyWorld” and they take me pretty often! I also have an Instagram @pepperandthecity if you want to follow along.