Carolina + Jay | Cypress Grove Estate, Florida

This wedding was photographed by The Hons

Review from the bride:

“Let’s just talk about how much of a GIFT Jonathon and Brittani Hon are to this world. In all of the research, the initial wedding planning process takes, my constant Google & Wedding Wire search had one top search – “Wedding Photographer”. I compared portfolios and personalities of more photographers than I care to share (guys, trust me here, I am THOROUGH) and then my search was over when I found THE HONS (dramatic life-changing music plays). I am thee most particular person in the world and every single picture I saw from Jon and Brittani Hon was quality. The bright lighting, the texture, the moment. Not only that, but within literal SECONDS of submitting an inquiry, I got a call from Jon and he let me gush about how much I love my now sweet, dreamy hubs even though he’s heard that a million and half times before. Both Jon and Brittani were genuinely excited to KNOW us.I am a Type-A researcher, lover of relationships and no one delivers quality moments like the Hons. Now, let’s circle back real quick…did you see the word MOMENTS I typed a second ago? Don’t breeze by it because it is significant. The Hons capture moments, not posed shots, but moments and that is what sold me. They catch the smiley tight squeeze your Dad gives you when he sees you for the first time on your day; the moment when you spray your MOH in the mouth with perfume and your faces are in weird, joyful grimaces and the (yay!) face you make when you’re walking toward your groom down the aisle — that is everything that you’ve prayed for for them to capture, but you don’t ask them to, they have your back what to capture.. and those golden, magical pictures end up in your portfolio and they become your favorite memories of all time. I’m genuinely crying just thinking about it, just book the Hons – they are worth it.”

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