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“The Hons are different. They set themselves apart; not just from other photographers, but also from other wedding vendors.

For starters, their website answered all of my questions; including the ones I didn’t know I had. Seeing their “we give a shit” tagline immediately gave me a feel for who they were. For me, not only did i connect with WHAT they were saying …but the simple fact that they had a tagline, told me they knew who they were and they stood by it. They aren’t afraid to be who they are. Too many other vendors seemed to be ambiguous and offer the one size fits all solution …which is not what we wanted. We wanted a team who worked with our personalities…who fit us. Aside from the amazing portfolio (duh!) they had so much content on their site …that was soooo clearly organized. It flowed. And it answered all my questions. My sister always taught me that “form follows function” …and the structure of their site was a perfect indication of how organized, structured, comprehensive, detailed and professional the Hons are when it comes to their working style!

By the time I emailed Brittani, it was more of a formality than anything else. The fact that she emailed me back immediately sealed the deal!

We never had the chance to meet them before the wedding. But we didn’t have to. I followed every Hons fb and Instagram page and it felt like I had a new best friend. Anytime I emailed, I got quick replies! And staying in the loop on social media meant not just connecting with Brittani and Jon, but also getting a peak into daily interactions with their other brides, friends, and vendors. That transparency is invaluable. I truly felt like we were old friends by the time our wedding day rolled around!!

I don’t know how they managed it all, but in the short time we got ready, the Hons and their team had taken pictures and hung out with us (I almost forgot they were there to do a job), they took pics and hung out with the guys in a different area, scoped out a first look spot, got dress and ring pics …and I only knew because they were sooo communicative. It never felt uncomfortable, they fit right in! ! I never felt like I needed to know all the details, but their transparency was everything! I just kept saying stuff like “I trust you” and “do your thing!” Because I knew we were in good hands.

The Hons were cool. Our bridal party and our families loved the picture taking. It felt fun and comfortable. We laughed real laughs and had real smiles – nothing felt fake. We left all the picture locations up to them because they’re the professionals. I was so thankful that they chose a spot for family photos that was wheelchair accessible. I never had that conversation with them, but my mom uses a wheelchair, and they’re observant. They must’ve recognized that while we were getting ready and then made deliberate location choices that showed they cared; yet we never had to labor over the point. It allowed everyone to be involved. Unfortunately, we had countless vendor experiences that were not as inclusive. But the Hons were the exception to the rule! No surprise there!

We cannot thank them enough for just being real. Our experience couldn’t have been any better!”



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