Kate + Carlo | Puglia, ITALY

From the bride:

“Given that I flew these guys over the Atlantic for my wedding, it suffices to say that I have every confidence in the world in their talent. We had a logistically complicated wedding with multiple events in the middle of nowhere Italy, and the last thing I wanted to do was leave video/photo to local strangers. I never second guessed my decision in the planning process and can’t imagine having had anyone else there to capture the weekend. Brittani, Jon, and Chelsea were nothing short of professional, despite being under-the-weather and likely jet-lagged. They are self-sufficient, they get their hands dirty, and they obviously bring their incredibly impressive talent! There is a lot to be said for hiring photographers who do not ride on their name (not yet at least!), who are committed to building a business and their style/process. They are 100% aligned with your best interest (which is for you to have kick-ass photos). They are in the background when they need to be and they are handling your obnoxious uncle-in-law when he is ruining an otherwise beautiful shot. They will be your huddle buddies, your touch-up crew, and the people who block the view while you’re mid nip-slip. And then, after all is said and done, you’re going to get photos that make you laugh, cry, and want to live it all over again. I have photos that are magazine worthy, but I also have photos that capture the fleeting looks that my husband and I give each other that show just how spectacular we think the other is. All in all, just do yourself a favor and hire The Hons!”



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