Sarah + Nick | Lake Ashton Golf Club

This wedding photographed by Brittani + Chelsea

Seriously, where to start. Meeting the Hons and  Chelsea was pretty much an instant “you’re booked!” – their attitudes are insanely positive and excited about shooting a wedding whether its 20 people in a backyard, or 400 people in NYC. You can tell that this is their passion and it showed in every photo of our engagement session and in our wedding! Besides the amazing photos, the jokes to make you comfortable, and their instant best friend demeanor, they keep it REAL. If something isn’t working for them, they won’t sugar coat and say “you’re beautiful and that shadow through your face is perfect” – it would be more like “Move over a little, ya look kinda weird” but it WORKS because it makes you LAUGH and feel comfortable.  Your wedding day is something to remember forever and let’s be honest, you won’t remember small details and funny moments later down the road. Photos are something to have forever and to eventually show your kids, don’t settle for a cheesy photographer who will only get the boring staged shots. Getting a photographer who is there all day, and who cares about the moments they capture is SO worth it.

Can’t say enough good things about the Hons and Chelsea. But they’re going places. Book ’em. You’ll be looking at your wedding pictures daily : )


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