Katelynn + Justin | New Orleans

photo: brittani hon | video: jonathan hon

“From the moment I booked The Hons for our engagement session, I knew we hit the jackpot. They’re not just phenomenal photographers, but freaking awesome people. I searched for months for a photographer, sent countless emails, but not once did I get a reaction like I did from The Hons. From our first call I felt this contagious energy, and I knew they genuinely wanted to shoot my wedding. Knowing that my photographers were so ecstatic was important to me – it meant that they cared about the outcome and they were committed to making this the best experience possible. Aside from their awesome attitude, I loved how their photos looked like they were straight out of a magazine. Since working with The Hons, I’ve heard numerous compliments on how our photos look so natural and candid. My husband and I are not models, so we didn’t go into this experience knowing how to stand or look or when to smile. The Hons helped guide us by coaching and showing us what to do. I loved that they weren’t afraid to say “you’re doing a cheesy smile” or “stand up straighter” – they give you feedback because they want you to love your pictures and they want you to look your best. After our engagement session, I knew our wedding photos were going to be outstanding because they knew us and we were comfortable with them.

Once wedding time arrived, they were so instrumental in making sure we had the best photos possible. We had a destination wedding in a place where Brittani and Jon had never been – but strangely enough I had no worries whatsoever that they didn’t need to “know the city” in order to take great photos. They arrived in town and explored to find the best places for a wedding shoot, and were so prepared when it came to show time. Our ceremony was outside and at 2:00PM, so the sunlight was harsh, but the Hons did a great job with capturing the moments as if there were no issues at all. They don’t let the obstacles overcome them; they will do whatever it takes to get the shot. I am so impressed with how beautiful our pictures are, and how quickly they edited our engagement and wedding photos. Within a day, we had full access to our engagement shoot and a week after tying the knot, we had hundreds of wedding photos. The best part? We can access (and upload/print) all of our photos from our engagement session and wedding day. And that’s a huge deal in the photography world.

From beginning to end, The Hons delivered more than I could have ever expected. Wedding planning can be stressful; and if you want one less thing to stress about, then book The Hons.”

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