We are the ones who check all the bridesmaids’ wrists to make sure there isn’t a hair tie in the photos. We are the ones who make sure you look your best by giving direction but still being able to capture things naturally without looking forced. We will be part of your day’s conversations, of your laughs and your tears. For us, we know that being in the room means being part of the memories. We strive to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. We are the types to hug your mother hello and shake your father’s hand goodbye. Your wedding day is going to go by quickly, and you may not get to see it all. But with us, we capture the in-between candid moments as well as the traditional photos (like family formals), so you can re-live the entire day as if you didn’t miss a thing. | BASED IN ORLANDO + NEW YORK CITY

We are fun. We keep it real. We have your back.