Based in New York City + Orlando

Our motto is “We Give A Shit”. We actually put real effort into documenting your wedding. You want photographers to pay attention to all the moments, details and the celebration (AKA – the drunk dancing photos). Any photographer can capture the “main things” like cake cutting. But what about all the small moments you didn’t happen to see or enjoy because so much was going on around you? That’s what sets us apart. (Don’t worry, we won’t cuss in front of family). We just want YOU to know face value how much heart we put into being your photographers. We capture the creative artsy candids that we know that you will appreciate but we also make sure to photograph traditional style photos as well (Because we know that’s what mama likes!). Take a close look at our work and see for yourself. No matter what cultural traditions or style of wedding you are having, each one you see represents the couples personality, what brought them together and those family and friends surrounding who love them. So when we say we go against the grain, it’s because we are the total opposite of being cookie cutter. #photographerswhogiveashit