WHY DOES THAT MATTER?  We don’t expect you to know it all when it comes to wedding photography, so that’s why we pride ourselves in this motto. There’s a right moment for certain style of photography throughout a wedding day. We’re in the background capturing candids when we need be. We are right there, easy to find, like for family formals (portraiture) making sure that you, mom, whoever, that we will get all the “must have” shots. Everyone is under one roof celebrating your day, we gotta get it all documented. We understand and take that seriously. As photographers, you have to know when to step in and direct/guide a bit (sarcastic jokes and good conversation) and when to step back and just let things happen naturally. You’re going to get photos that make you laugh, cry, and want to live it all over again. That’s The Hons Studio experience.

The Hons are based in NYC + Orlando (Snowbirds). Associates are based in NYC + California