WHY DOES THAT MATTER?¬†Any professional photographer can capture the main events: putting on the dress, standing at the altar, the first kiss, the first dance, etc. Those moments are super important to have for photos and that is a given. But what about the in-between moments? We not only capture to you at the altar exchanging vows, but we also take a peek at your family members who are intently watching and capture their reactions. We focus on you as a couple but also those surrounding you during the wedding as well. This is the one day that all your friends and family are coming together under one roof to celebrate with you. We document the wedding as a whole story and with everyone who is involved. We pay attention to the big and small things. We strive to get as many candids throughout the day and also the traditional photos (like the family formals) because we believe those are important, too. We just care, a lot. We are a perfect mix of professional and personal. We are easy to talk too, we make jokes, we direct/guide for photos so you feel comfortable – we go above and beyond to not only deliver great photographs of your wedding day, but a great experience as well. So in simple terms, we just really give a shit. There’s really no better way to say it. Sorry for the cussing, we don’t do it in front of grandma..¬†promise!

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