WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means we have your back in any which way when it comes to your photos. You want a photo with all your friends drinking mimosa’s? You got it. Does the groom want some GQ style photos of him and his boys? Let’s do it. Does your mom want family portraits? We are 100% ready. We understand how important it is to get as many candids throughout the day and also some traditional shots at the altar after the ceremony. Not only do we strive to capture your day as a whole story from the getting ready moments all the way to the dance floor, but we are also¬†excited to be your photographers. You will see us smile, strike up a conversation with your family and friends, and crack some jokes (in the right moment) to make you laugh and feel comfortable for photos. We want the experience to be enjoyable with the product of our photography and also the personality of our studio. So take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself why the whole “giving a shit” motto makes a difference.

We are based in New York City + Florida and now branching out to San Francisco + Hawaii